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Ashokarishta is an Ayurvedic tonic that has incredible advantages for the female conceptive framework. It reinforces the working of the ovaries and uterus and aides in the typical working of the menstrual cycle. The greater part of the Ayurvedic specialists prescribe this amazing tonic to ladies experiencing gynecological issues and menstrual issues. There is 5-10% self-produced liquor in Ashokarishta which goes about as the dynamic compound.

The motivation behind why Ashokarishta is so advantageous for the wellbeing is because of its calming, cancer prevention agent and adaptogenic properties. It likewise goes about as a mellow estrogen and is an extraordinary tonic for postmenopausal ladies. It soothes tooting, is equipped for expanding the hemoglobin levels, helps assimilation and goes about as a muscle relaxant. These properties are what makes this astringent tasting fluid a force pressed tonic for ladies.

Ashokarishta Tonic Ingredients

Ashokarishta is readied utilizing a few fixings yet the primary fixing is the bark of Ashoka tree. Different fixings utilized are:


Saraca Ashoka Bark Ashoka Bark 4.8 kg

Saccharum Officinarum Jaggery 9.6 kg

Woodfordia Fruticosa Flowers Dhataki Flowers 768 kg

Cyperus Rotundus Mustak Roots 48 g

Zingiber Officinale Ginger Rhizome 48 g

Nigella Sativa Kalonji 48 g

Berberis Aistata Daruharidra 48 g

Nymphaea Stellata Utpala Flowers 48 g

Emblica Officinalis Indian Gooseberry 48 g

Terminalia Bellerica Vibhitaki 48 g

Terminalia Chebula Haritaki 48 g

Mangifera Indica Seeds Mango Seed 48 g

Cuminum Cyminum Cumin Seeds 48 g

Adhatoda Vasica Adulsa 48 g

Santalum Album Sandalwood 48 g

– Water 49.152 liters

– Kashayam 12.288 liters

How Ashokarishta Tonic is Prepared?

All the herbs are coarsely powdered and a water mixture or kashaya is made. It is kept in a pot or a vessel for maturation. Next, sugar, jaggery or nectar is added to this definition. The restorative medications are powdered and included. Dhataki blossoms are included the end. They ought to be appropriately cleaned before including.

The mouth of the vessel is secured firmly and the edges are fixed utilizing a few layers of dirt. The compartment is kept in paddy for ideal maturation conditions. After the decided timespan, the top is opened and the blend is inspected to check its status. The invention is emptied and afterward stressed following 3-4 days. It is again stressed to evacuate any fine particles and afterward packaged.

Ashokarishta stays compelling for a long time after production. In the wake of opening it is encouraged to use inside 4 months. Abstain from keeping the jug in direct daylight or in regions of high dampness. Store the jug in a cool and dry spot. Continuously close the top firmly after use.

Advantages of Ashokarishta

Ashokarishta can realize an extraordinary improvement in the soundness of a lady. Numerous uterine and ovarian issue can be dealt with utilizing Ashokarishta. Here are different manners by which Asokarishta can be gainful for ladies –

1) Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases

The pelvic fiery malady is a typical condition including issues like swollen fallopian cylinder, disease or improvement of scar tissue. Ladies experience weakness and agony in the pelvic locale. More than 1 million ladies in India are experiencing the pelvic incendiary malady. Ashokarishta contains herbs that go about as mitigating operators. They protectively affect the female conceptive organs.

2) Aids in Menorrhagia, Metrorrhagia, and Menometrorrhagia

Menorrhagia is a condition wherein the lady encounters overwhelming and delayed menstrual dying. Metrorrhagia is a condition where there is over the top and delayed draining that is credited to an uterine issue and not feminine cycle. What’s more, Menometrorrhagia is a condition wherein there is overwhelming and delayed draining regardless of monthly cycle. It tends to be considered as the mix of the over two conditions.

Ashokarishta can end up being helpful for these conditions. It controls the uterine draining and aides in halting it normally. Once in a while the unnecessary draining might be a direct result of hormonal irregularity. Ashokarishta has properties that help in offsetting these hormones and consequently manage the dying. Ashokarishta has an awesome impact on the female hormones.

In the event that there is a case wherein the draining doesn’t appear to go under control much in the wake of taking Ashokarishta, at that point this might be a sign of some major issue. Uterine polyps, cervical disease or uterine malignant growth may likewise cause unusual dying. Counsel your doctor or a gynecologist to get a right finding for your condition.

3) Helpful in Painful Periods

Ashokarishta is properly called as the uterine tonic. It reinforces the uterus and improves the blood gracefully to it. Ashokarishta helps in the smooth expulsion of the uterine coating during periods and regularizes the withdrawal and unwinding of the uterus. This outcomes in less cases of difficult spasms. What’s more, Ashokarishta additionally helps in the administration of PMS manifestations like queasiness, cerebral pain, spinal pain, and so on.

In instances of dysmenorrhea, or agonizing periods, the degrees of prostaglandins are high. Ashoka bark has phytoestrogens that help in cutting down prostaglandin levels. Ashokarishta tonic can without any assistance be of help to cut down the substantial menstrual stream and spasms. In any case, in the event that you feel that you are encountering not exactly typical blood stream, at that point quit expending Ashokarishta or lessen the dose.

4) PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

A polycystic ovarian disorder is a condition where there is a hormonal lopsidedness which causes the development of growths in the ovaries. Because of the blisters, the size of the ovaries increments and they seem bulgy. It has become a typical issue among young ladies.

Ashokarishta is valuable in the treatment of PCOD. It helps in regularizing your menstrual cycle and once it regularizes, there are no growths that are shaped. Now and then, ladies with PCOD may encounter united menstrual issue like dysmenorrhoea or, menorrhagia. Ashokarishta helps in improving the working of the ovaries and decreases the occurrences of these conditions.

PCOD additionally leaves numerous young ladies with issues like skin break out or over the top hair development. Since Ashokarishta achieves an equalization in the hormones every one of these issues will vanish. It is essential to counsel an ayurvedic specialist for the right measurements.

In a couple of cases, a second rate irritation might be the reason for PCOD. In such cases, the ovaries discharge an abundance of testosterone which upsets the hormonal parity. Since Ashokarishta has mitigating properties, it cuts down the aggravation levels and standardizes the hormones.

5) Osteoporosis

When ladies achieve menopause, there is a decrease in the hormone estrogen. Estrogen has bone defensive capacities which forestall bone mineral misfortune. Along these lines, numerous ladies face the danger of osteoporosis after menopause. Ashokarishta blends the hormones and forestalls bone mineral misfortune. It causes the body to adjust to the progressions happening post menopause. It likewise contains calcium which is useful for the bones.

Ayurvedic and Biomedical Effects of Ashokarishta

Picture Source: Parmanand Ayurveda

Ashokarishta contains a couple of key herbs that make this wellbeing tonic extremely viable. It contains Ashoka bark, which cuts down the irritation and is useful for the skin. Dhataki additionally has recuperating properties. Mustak is liable for the improved craving and decreased aggravation. Haritaki and Amlaki herbs have invulnerable regulating properties that reinforce the body and furthermore go about as enemies of oxidants.

It likewise has restoring properties. Since it contains phytoestrogens, it helps in diminishing the draining and reestablishes the endometrium. The mixes in it act like estrogens in the body. Phytoestrogens are additionally acceptable cancer prevention agents and cut down the aggravation in the body. Consequently they additionally shield you from heart infections, bosom malignant growth, and osteoporosis.

As indicated by Ayurveda, the vast majority of the menstrual issues emerge due to Vata unevenness. Ashokarishta helps in adjusting the Vata. It affects the stomach related framework and improves the hunger, assimilation, and ingestion of supplements.

Keeping up legitimate cleanliness is additionally significant for ladies to remain solid down there. Peruse this article to find out about female cleanliness tips.

Ashokarishta For Weight Loss?

Weight gain in ladies might be credited to hormonal irregularity. Ashokarishta helps in realizing a parity in the body. It can, along these lines, in a roundabout way add to weight reduction.

Suggested Dosage

Expending 5-20 ml of Ashokarishta 2-3 times each day has been considered as sheltered. The specialist may build the portion if there should be an occurrence of substantial and delayed dying. In these cases, you might be approached to begin taking Ashokarishta seven days before the period starts and keep taking it till it closes. In a couple of cases, it is sufficient to take Ashokarishta alone, however a few cases require an adjuvant medication. The adjuvant medication is chosen by the ayurvedic specialist. The most widely recognized adjuvant of Ashokarishta is water. It ought to be after suppers.

Ashokarishta Side Effects

1) In many cases, it is regarded safe to expend Ashokarishta. In any case, ladies inclined to causticity may encounter a consuming sensation subsequent to devouring it.

2) Ashokarishta doesn’t have the properties to clear blocked fallopian tubes. A medical procedure might be required for the equivalent. It is ideal to counsel a gynecologist for the equivalent.

3) Ashokarishta isn’t fitting for individuals with diabetes.

4) Since Ashokarishta affects the hormones it ought to be dodged by pregnant ladies.

5) It is ok for lactating moms to take Ashokarishta. This is on the grounds that it helps in lessening the baby blues draining and balances the hormones. It is likewise useful for the baby as it has calcium.

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